About Us

Red Pen Marketing (Pty) Ltd. is an Ekurhuleni-based integrated marketing communications company that specialises in creative media and marketing communication solutions for clients across a variety of industry sectors.

We offer a range of media-related products and services including full print and digital publication production of industry magazines, business profiles, reports, presentations and marketing materials. Our marketing solutions are focused on marketing strategy and tool development, including but not limited to Marketing Campaign & Materials Development, Public Relations Management, Brand & Website Development, and Content Management. At red Pen marketing (Pty) Ltd. we develop integrated marketing communications programs that help our clients positively impact people’s lives by driving engagement, behaviour change, and desired actions.

Our role is to build, improve or protect the trust stakeholders place in our clients’ brands, through integrated and effective marketing communications.

Our added value

Our added value lies in our ability to create
and disseminate over multiple channels
varied stories targeting different people.


Our aim is to provide best-in-class marketing communications counsel and services to our clients. At the same time, we will create an organization that will be able to attract and retain exceptionally talented individuals and we will all work together to perfect the arts of marketing and communications.


Red Pen Marketing (Pty) Ltd.will be nationally recognized as an innovative, dedicated, and productive integrated marketing and communications firm in the South Africa. We will provide our clients with a level of excellence that surpasses their highest expectations. Our people and our organisation will come to represent the ideal business partner for corporations eager to manage their communications with their key stakeholders.

Our Values

Relationships. We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients and building confidence and trust such that our clients will come to us again and again for assistance in filling their leadership positions.
We are extremely passionate about the industries and clients we serve and our clients’ marketing and communicationsneeds.
We employ only highly talented individuals who deliver superior client service levels and industryleading marketing and communications capabilities.
We provide the highest level of service on every assignment. We assemble a project team based on the skills and backgrounds required to bring success to a particular project. Our employees give our clients their complete attention and commitment.
We insist on honesty and fairness as the guides against which all of our actions must be measured, and we dedicate ourselves to walking the high ground in all our actions.
We embrace a focus on ability and character as the driving forces for accomplishment in career advancement.
We believe that the ability to see opportunity for our clients, and help them seize it, is the cornerstone of our services and is central to the solutions we provide.
Continuous Improvement.
We work hard at being the best, we articulate how we want to work with one another, we constantly work to perfect the model and we reinforce behaviors that lead to top performance.